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We constantly monitor the market’s main health-related needs anticipate emerging trends regarding natural well-being, learn about the most accredited and authoritativescientific studies and actively support research and development of innovative, useful and effective products. For over 30 years.


We purchase raw materials from their native countries by choosing the best registered trademarks and privileging suppliers who have established long-standing relations with us based on esteem and mutual trust, suppliers who offer us the best value for money..


We submit all raw material to meticulous sensory, microscopic, microbiological and chemical analysis cycles that are performed both inhouse and by external laboratories. Only materials that pass all the tests are declared as compliant and ready to be transformed into a LongLife product!


From the study of scientific literature to empirical laboratory tests: whether they are capsules, tablets, pearls or pills, single ingredient compounds or blends of several active ingredients, we seek and develop the perfect formula for every product.


Only authorised and specialised staff attired with the characteristic uniform may access the heart of production: the clean room. In this area, a dedicated filtration system guarantees livello extremely pure air and, in dedicated rooms, lsingle doses are produced and mechanically placed in a jar, hermetically capped, labelled and then sealed. Hence, a new LongLife product is finally born!


The finished products are conveyed to the warehouse, where they are stored and preserved in ideal temperature and humidity conditions , for a limited period of time to ensure product freshness, pending collection by the courier service.


Upon receiving an order, the item is directly dispatched to the client. Wholesalers, retailers and consumers will receive LongLife products at the agreed times.


Whether it is directly purchased through our e-commerce site or from the pharmacist or herbalist, it is time for LongLife’s quality to fully express its potential: selected active ingredients, targeted doses, large variety of formats, highly competitive value for money , and over 260 effective natural products for any health-related need.


Have you any questions about the action mechanism of a certain substance? Would you like to know whether a certain active ingredient is better for you than another one? Or would you like to make a report about an order or delivery? Our technicians, biologists and sales persons are always at your disposal. Wait no longer, contact us now!!!.

Every LongLife product is the result of a virtuous circuit during which the quality of every phase and process is guaranteed by three factors:

1. Ongoing Training for production staff.

2. Timely Checks of product compliance documents and practical process controls.

3. Quality assurance by means of certifications.

GMP (Good Manifacturing Process) refers to guidelines issued by the FDA - Food and Drug Administration for food supplements. The GMP compliance certification guarantees that all LongLife food supplements are produced in compliance with strict quality and safety criteria, which cover the entire production cycle, packaging and storage: from staff to facilities, from raw materials to packaging and labelling, from contamination prevention processes to hygiene, every aspect of the production process is subjected to thorough controls and checks to ensure absolute compliance.

The Bioagricert certification has been awarded to all imported food supplements produced and distributed by LongLife, manufactured in compliance with the laws that regulate organic production in Europe.

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Kosher is the set of religious laws that regulate the diet of practising Jewish people.

The word “kosher” or “kasher” means compliant with the law, suitable, allowed. This certification is awarded upon completion of a control procedure carried out by an agency of rabbis specialised in Kosher certifications. They supervise the production of a foodstuff to guarantee that it is Kosher.

A representative of the rabbi frequently and regularly visits the production facility without forewarning to ascertain that no changes have been implemented to impair the kosher status.

Ḥalāl is an arabic term which means “lawful”. With this word is sanctioned the correct relation of a Muslim believer with every aspect of his life, including nourishment. The opposite of Ḥalāl is “Haram”, which means “forbidden”. Regarding food, Ḥalāl is definable as whatever a Muslim is fully allowed to eat.

Ḥalāl certification is necessary to attest that products are compliant with ethical, health and hygiene norms of the Islamic law and doctrine, thus marketable in the Islamic Countries.

The certification is released by the European Islamic Association and it refers to the European Council for Fatwa and Research dictates; it is internationally valid, with the exception of some Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

The certification audit is carried out back-office and through inspections, in accordance with a specific procedural iteri> established by the European Islamic Association.

FSSC 22000 - Food Safety System Certification 22000 - is a certification system designed for the food industry by the Foundation of Food Safety Certification. It is an evolution of standard ISO 22000, and is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative, an international global describer of production phases involved in the definition of food safety standards.

The FSSC 22000 certification guarantees precise management of the "quality system" adopted to produce LongLife food supplements, in order to control and rule out potential food safety hazards of products distributed in the various markets, along the entire production line, from suppliers right up to distribution of the finished product.

Special attention is given to the essential aspects of food safety, such as:

  • food defence, which includes protection of foodstuffs from intentional alterations caused by biological, chemical, physical or radiological agents;
  • food fraud defence.

The Play Sure Doping Free certification confirms compliance with technical regulations defined by the non-profit association No Doping Life, which is implementing several projects designed to promote the distribution of products and foodstuffs that are entirely free of doping substances.

The certification guarantees that LongLife ensures the utmost protection of both customers and consumers by daily and actively fighting the use of any substance listed in the international anti-doping regulation drawn up by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

Hence, none of the ingredients listed as a doping substance is used during the production process, from raw material purchasing to preparation and packaging of LongLife’s finished products.